About Rocky

rockyMy name is Rocky Giordani and I’m running for president of the United States of America. Who am I? I am a sinner saved by grace. I am a father, an American, a conservative, a Husband and a Christian. I also happen to be a card carrying registered member of the Morongo Indian Nation. I live on the same Indian Reservation where my Grandmother was raised. Considering my income, my bank account, the value of my home, my neighborhood, my education, the schools I went to and by every other definition I am a regular middle-class guy. I grew up on the mean streets and back alleys that surround the beaches in Dogtown, Venice California.

My father died when I was seven years old leaving his wife with five children and no husband to care for them. If not for the Social Security survivor benefits I don’t know how my mother would’ve raised her children. Occasionally my mother worked in a beer bar because that was the only employment she could find or was qualified for. There were times when my dinner was the scraps that my older brother left in his plate. As a teenager I learned to hustle pool, shoot dice, play cards and do whatever else I could to make money and feed myself. I graduated high school alternately living in a pool room or in my mom’s garage.

I’ve been an athlete all my life. After high school I did a little boxing. I did odd jobs for local businessmen like collect money that deadbeats didn’t want to pay. For 50%, if you owed money, you were going to pay no matter what. I became a notorious thumper and a bit of a scoundrel but people in our neighborhood paid their debts. I did some work as a bodyguard sometimes for celebrities but mostly for neighborhood businessman with enemies.

I’ve probably been in 1000 street fights and both of my hands are broken into mere Meat Hooks. Now, I’m ready to throw elbows with the suits in Washington D.C.

We still have time to change our American situation and this is our opportunity we must not lack the will to do what must be done, and we must get it right this time. We need someone that can listen to the will of the American people and transform it into what will be our future.

Never underestimate the power of the free American people if they have the will to make a change. My past has prepared me for what needs to be done. People will ask us, “What makes you think that some middle-class guy from the middle of nowhere can be the President?” My question to you is “Who’s gonna stop me?”