take america back

Rocky Giordani is a "Constitutional Conservative".

Rocky is a survivor because of the Second Amendment and promises to insure its longevity.  


Tough on Illegal immigration... Tougher on securing the border and has a plan that will actually accomplish those solutions Immediately.


Takes a very hard stance on Fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget. He's the only candidate with an actual plan to reduce spending, balance the budget and payoff the national debt without cutting out Medicare or Social Security or taking a dime from any other program.


Emphasis on strengthening and rebuilding the Military. Our Military has been Emasculated. Rocky says "We must rebuild it and pass a bill that forever earmarks a percentage of the GDP for the military". 


Prioritizes taking a blow torch to the "Progressive Tax Code" that we are burdened with and replacing it with a "Fair Tax" that is acceptable to everyone. Rocky is the only Republican candidate to put forward a tax plan that is not progressive.


He's also the only Candidate that actually has a plan to alleviate the strain of Obamacare on the economy immediately and then to end it... A plan that will work.


This Candidate believes that the devaluation of the American Dollar is a huge threat to our nation. It must be strengthened and he has a comprehensive plan to strengthen the dollar and make it once again a global currency powerhouse.


Has a common sense plan to deal with and wipe out I.S.I.S and Islamic extremism and Jihadists both foreign and domestic without risking American lives.